The Little Red Dress Hardcover AR Edition

The Little Red Dress Hardcover AR Edition

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This hardcover special edition of our debut book features augmented reality activations throughout which go live during Fashion Week! Recipients get an exclusive Fashion week invitation to the debut of our AR features when their hard copy arrives. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer that supports the future of kids fashion education.

The Little Red Dress, Michelle, can’t wait to meet and tell you all about her glamorous life! Join her from sketch to sample to runway and beyond as she tells the story of how she ended up in a famous fashion museum. 

Books will ship February 2022 in conjunction with the Fashion week calendar, get in on the action!

Each of your purchases enables Little Red Fashion to create fashion resources, curricula for grades 3-9, and leading edge technology we’ll be debuting in late 2022 for educators and districts to teach fashion and the arts more effectively!

What is AR? (Augmented Reality)
Augmented reality is a new technology that hasn’t been used for much outside of cheap gimmicks by major publishers. It uses the camera on smartphones and tablets to enable interaction between the physical world and the digital one. 

At Little Red Fashion we are using AR to add more educational content and context into the books we create. That means fashion trivia, diagrams, and eventually as we grow exclusive videos and animation. 

How does it work for Little Red Fashion?
As a startup, we hope that you’ll understand being on the cutting edge of such technology is why our print editions are more expensive than a traditional kids book, at least this early in our journey. As we grow, we’ll be able to lower our prices on these unique offerings that fellow publishers in the IBPA (Independent Book Publisher‘s Association) are something never before seen in the industry. 

The beauty of AR is that it allows us to update offerings over time! Each activation throughout the book adds unique educational opportunities that make the story come alive and allow kids to learn new terms, concepts, and ways of seeing the world around them through fashion. 

What do you mean update over time?
We’d love nothing more than to jam pack every page with AR activations, in fact that’s our endgame for all our titles. But we need to raise the money to do it! 

As a bootstrapped startup we’re starting small and getting feedback from parents, kids, educators and our publishing industry colleagues as  activations roll out through 2022  to ensure Little Red Fashion can balance our vision with our stage of growth and budget. Every single copy you pre-order helps us on this journey to create industry-leading educational technology.

How do you update once the book is printed?
As we add activations beyond the initial ones, we’ll be sending our supporters instructions and stickers containing what are called “markers” to place on pages that feature new activations. Not only does this give kids another way to take ownership of their learning journey It allows us to make sure we’re adding activations following your feedback and that of educators. 

What might these updates look like?
One thing we’re hard at work on is making language learning opportunities for kids more accessible through AR. We’re translating The Little Red Dress into a number of languages and developing an AR format that makes teaching languages through kids books more intuitive and interactive. Other updates may include unique videos or animations. 

ISBN: 978-0-578-97045-5